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Top 10 Most Often-Forgotten Student Living Items

  1. Flashlight – you never know when there’s going to be a power outage!
  2. Batteries – for the flashlight, of course. And other electronic emergencies.
  3. Power strip – it’s the age of technology. The dorm sockets just aren’t going to be enough.
  4. Umbrella – yeah yeah, we know Tucson’s a desert, but we’ve got one word for you: monsoon.
  5. First-aid kit – for bumps and boo-boos when mom’s medicine cabinet is too far away to help.
  6. Pencil sharpener – even in 2013, most college exams still require #2 pencils!
  7. Book light – so you can always stay up studying without bothering your roommate.
  8. Mattress pad – college beds don’t necessarily scream comfort, so get some extra fluff to make sure you get your beauty sleep.
  9. Hand sanitizer – for every hundred people in a dorm, there’s a trillion germs. Don’t get sick!
  10. Shower shoes or flip flops – a dorm life essential.

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