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Textbook adoption INCENTIVES program for academic departments

UA BookStores INCENTIVES program rewards qualifying campus departments for their timely submission of textbook adoptions each fall and spring semester with bonus UA BookStores store credit for departmental purchases of product carried in UA BookStores (in accordance with the Arizona State Statue, of course).

Faculty INCENTIVES Promo

For each fall and spring semester the bookstore hosts a promotional period in which, departments will receive $25 of credit to the UA BookStores for every adoption placed by the end of the promo date. INCENTIVES earned will be combined onto one gift card and given to each department after the promo concludes.
See program details.

Adoptions received after the promotion but before the deadline, will receive the regular incentive payout. That means that at least 90% of the total course adoptions must be submitted in order to receive $25 per course.


At the close of business on October 10 (for the spring semester) or March 17 (for the fall semester), UA BookStores will total all the textbook adoptions submitted by each department for that semester. Departments submitting at least 55% or more of their total course requirements will receive a UA BookStores store credit with dollar value which increases with higher submission percentages (see payout chart below).

There is, of course, some fine print: Materials added to an adoption after the deadline for the same course eliminates the course from the total on-time count. If materials are ordered and later cancelled the department is disqualifi ed from the INCENTIVE program for that semester. “Cross-listed” courses are only counted in their home department (according to UAccess). Independent study, colloquiums and research sessions are excluded from INCENTIVES eligibility. INCENTIVES are not awarded for Summer or Winter sessions.

Where does the INCENTIVES money come from?

The INCENTIVE award monies are a part of the savings realized by UA BookStores as a result of your early adoptions. Savings that are not used in the INCENTIVE program are passed back to the students in the form of Textbook Scholarships (we give away $10,000 in Textbook Scholarships every summer) or given back to the student and campus community in a variety of other ways. For information about exactly how UA BookStores gives back to the students and the UA, visit

Qualifying levels:

% of Course Requisitions on or Before the Due Date Amount Per Course Incentive
Level I90%–100%$25store gift card
Level II80%–89%$20store gift card
Level III70%–79%$15store gift card
Level IV55%–69%$10store gift card
Level V 0%–54% $0no reward

Textbook Adoption Deadlines

For more information about the UA BookStores INCENTIVES Program, please contact one of our Faculty Relations team members:

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