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More options means more
savings for students.


Often the most expensive option, new textbooks are sometimes preferred when content is time-sensitive. Most people prefer the cost-savings associated with used textbooks.


About 25% less than the price of new textbooks and easily the most popular option among UA students. The quantity of used textbooks we have in our inventory is DIRECTLY related to the timely submission of textbook adoptions from our faculty and staff. If we know you will need a textbook next semester, we’ll offer students more money for that textbook at the end of the current semester, giving students more money for their used textbooks AND saving money when your next class purchases it again later.


About a third less than buying new and good for short-term requirements or instances when books are used for a few weeks out of the semester. Approximately 85% of our textbooks are available for rental, just look for the "Rent Me" link in your Booklist.


The Espresso book Machine (EBM) is often the most cost-efficient option for custom textbooks. UA BookStores' EBM services include the production of a book from start to finish—including printing and perfect binding—at an extremely competitive rate, especially for small quantities.

NOTE: The value of a textbook is often in the savings the student realizes when they find it available as a used textbook. Although custom textbooks are ideal in instances when the department or professor requires custom content at an affordable price to the student, they can become problematic in the sell-back process if the department or professor requires an amended or unique version each semester. We strongly encourage faculty members to allow that custom textbooks are permitted for at least several semesters so that the student might recoup some of the cost of the textbook in the sell-back process. We also encourage students to inquire about the ability to buy and sell used versions of custom textbooks.


Environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient in the long term. As mobile devices become more prevalent in the academic environment, students will be able to consume digital versions of textbook content via convenient, lightweight, paperless solutions. Although only a fraction of textbooks are currently available in digital format, this is definitely where the industry is headed. The future of academic digital devices will encourage hands-on, interactive learning with multi-media and traditional content for a fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks.

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